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Magicians Talking Magic Podcast is a weekly magician podcast featuring tips, tricks, business advice, interviews, performance tips & much more! Hosted by Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed.
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Aug 23, 2019
Full-time magician Peter Mennie stops by talk Magic Live 2019 Magicians Convention. Plus we real-life magicians topics: confidence, anxiety and growing as performers. Listen or Watch.
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Magic Live 2019, Magic Conventions, Performance Advice, Learning New Magic, Stage Introductions, Confidence on stage, stage fright and how to deal with your nerves.

Table of Contents

00:00 | We had an OWOW Magic Festival Meeting and...
04:00 | Schrodinger's cookies & Choose You Adventure Magic Show
07:32 | Magic Live 2019 recount and review from Peter Mennie
10:35 | Storytelling and magic
12:00 | Magicians from all over the world need to see this person
14:10 | One person and a suitcase magic shows
15:00 | Highlights from the stage shows
16:00 | Who was the stand-out performer at Magic Live 2019?
18:45 | There was a zebra appearance, again?
19:45 | What did you learn at Magic Live 2019? Biggest Takaway
21:45 | After 45 years in magic-- here's why Peter attends Magic Live
23:10 | Being bitten by magic, dragging a Table of Death and Rick Thomas
24:00 | Graeme tries a new market for his magic shows
24:45 | The best thing about restaurant magic
25:30 | When do you stop learning new magic?
26:30 | Confidence on stage, where does it come from?
28:00 | Two factors that affect confidence and anxiety
30:00 | A tip for stage introductions
34:00 | Final thoughts struggle all magicians face



Jul 25, 2019

Two magician hosts talk about the latest magic news and discuss important topics for magicians and fans of the art.  In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about magician's soundtracks, complicated decisions modern performers have to make, magic injuries are back in the news and rumors on reddit about Dynamo, show failures, worst moments on stage and the essentials of promotional videos for magicians. Watch or listen now:

01:45 | Magician Soundtracks "Sum up magic from the nineties with this one song"
02:40 | Complicated choices for modern performers
03:40 | Graeme's pop culture question for a magic trick
05:45 | The other Will Smith
06:25 | Magician crossbow accident in South Africa (Newsweek)
07:04 | Danger in Magic
07:46 | Death Defying Escapes. Is it magic or endurance sports?
09:48 | Magic rumors - Dynamo as a BGT Judge?
12:15 | Reddit Magic Question "Card Magic on Stage"
16:04 | Settling into your own stage personality
16:50 | Failures! Stage tricks going south
23:18 | Worst show ever
26:20 | What is stage freight and why it impacts the first moments of your show
27:37 | Promotional videos for magicians
34:10 | Free video editing software :
35:36 | Should you have separate websites and material for different services?
37:00 | Curve ball question: Would you ever shake-up your career?
40:00 | Big takeaways for magicians promo videos
Jul 18, 2019
Two magicians talk magic news, performance advice, industry struggles and everything magical. A podcast for students and fans of the art of magic.
In this first episode of Magicians Talking Magic, full-time magicians Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about the recent tragedy of an Indian magician who was killed performing a dangerous magic stunt
*PG-13 | Language | Magic Enthusiasts. Career Magicians, Business Topics
Table of Contents
1:00 | What do you think of "Ta Da" the word
1:30 | Danger Magic (News) Indian magician killed doing a stunt
6:30 | What audiences want to see and the future of illusions
9:30 | Hans Klok gets a new show in Las Vegas
11:00 | America's Got Talent (Nick Wallace, Michael Paul)
12:51 | Michael Paul
13:00 | Wonder Town
14:30 | Magic Festival OWOW
17:20 | Nate Bergatze Netflix special
19:00 | First Magic Experiences (Worlds Greatest magic 2)
22:00 | /r/magic Reddit: Souvenirs in magic
25:00 | Do magicians need a logo
29:30 | What free digital tools do you use for your magicians website? (StatCounter, Google Analytics, Google Search Console)
32:00 | Magician personality --Do magicians have similar character traits
33:30 | Branding for Magicians
35:45 | Where to get inspiration designing your magicians logo
38:00 | What should you focus on if you are a beginner in magic
40:30 | Magician Business Card Essentials
43:00 |Magician's Digital ToolKit - Essentials of the magician business
47:30 | Difference between magicians logo and magician brand
Jan 23, 2018

Click here for the Magician's Masterclass Podcast Page and Show Notes.

Joan Caesar talks magic

A video profile and podcast with Joan Caesar, a retired teacher, magician and internationally recognized influencer in the world of magic.


[dropcap]Recently[/dropcap] I had soup and egg salad with Joan and George Caesar who live about 8 minutes from my house.

My mom refers to Joan Caesar as my 'second mom' because we've known her since my early teens.  I went to Tannen's Magic Camp because of Joan.  She is internationally recognized in magic and she is the person responsible for getting Canada recognized on the international stage at FISM (the Olympics of magic.) She is an International Brotherhood of Magician's Past President (2008-2009) and Founder and President of the Canadian Association of Magicians.  She has also judged every major convention including FISM and performs for corporate and social events.

Joan knows good magic.

In the podcast we talk about :

  • Why Joan founded the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM)
  • Which world-famous magician was Joan's motivation to put Canada on the international stage for FISM (the Olympic's of Magic)
  • We talk about her life as a magician.
  • We talk about women in magic and why it's hard to be a woman in magic.
  • As a judge for the largest magic conventions in the world, Joan shares her perspective on what makes a great magic act.
Dec 4, 2017

We haven't talked about this publically at all, and a lot happened quickly.  This podcast sheds some light on Magician's Masterclass.


Aug 3, 2016

Penn & Teller's Fool Us is now on Season 3!! It is the best showcase for magicians on television.  I appeared on Season 3 episode 2  (watch here but this podcast is all about the behind the scenes insight information-- good, bad and ugly

  • Why we had to tape our segment three times?
  • If that wasn't my illusion, whose was it?
  • What Penn said about my Tshirt that didn't make it to air
  • Why I threw out Teller's signature
  • Why a hamster shocked the control room

Plus three things I learned from the entire Las Vegas experience

  1. What I learned from Teller's handshake
  2. What to swipe across your eyes if you wear stage makeup
  3. What detail came from magic legend Johnny Thompson

I'm joined with Peter Mennie who flew down to Las Vegas to be part of the taping-- with a degree in Television Production, Peter gives a unique perspective of magic and television.

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