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Magicians Talking Magic Podcast is a weekly magician podcast featuring tips, tricks, business advice, interviews, performance tips & much more! Hosted by Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed.
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Aug 30, 2019

We are two full-time magicians talking magic. Here we have a MAGIC SHOW POSTERS Smackdown! Plus we reveal our last magic book purchases and more.

TOPICS COVERED: Magician Show Posters, Design tips & trick, Marketing for Magicians, Performance Advice, Magician Branding, Amazing Johnathan, Hulu, OWOW Magic Festival

Table of Contents
00:00 | Ryan and Graeme reveal their last two magic books purchases
05:30 | The one thing that separates successful magicians
08:45 | Magic Posters: Tips & Tricks for design posters to fill your next magic show
16:25 | Amazing Jonathan on Hulu
17:28 | The Secrets of the MAGIC FESTIVAL revealed
Aug 23, 2019
Full-time magician Peter Mennie stops by talk Magic Live 2019 Magicians Convention. Plus we real-life magicians topics: confidence, anxiety and growing as performers. Listen or Watch.
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Magic Live 2019, Magic Conventions, Performance Advice, Learning New Magic, Stage Introductions, Confidence on stage, stage fright and how to deal with your nerves.

Table of Contents

00:00 | We had an OWOW Magic Festival Meeting and...
04:00 | Schrodinger's cookies & Choose You Adventure Magic Show
07:32 | Magic Live 2019 recount and review from Peter Mennie
10:35 | Storytelling and magic
12:00 | Magicians from all over the world need to see this person
14:10 | One person and a suitcase magic shows
15:00 | Highlights from the stage shows
16:00 | Who was the stand-out performer at Magic Live 2019?
18:45 | There was a zebra appearance, again?
19:45 | What did you learn at Magic Live 2019? Biggest Takaway
21:45 | After 45 years in magic-- here's why Peter attends Magic Live
23:10 | Being bitten by magic, dragging a Table of Death and Rick Thomas
24:00 | Graeme tries a new market for his magic shows
24:45 | The best thing about restaurant magic
25:30 | When do you stop learning new magic?
26:30 | Confidence on stage, where does it come from?
28:00 | Two factors that affect confidence and anxiety
30:00 | A tip for stage introductions
34:00 | Final thoughts struggle all magicians face



Aug 16, 2019

Cartamundi acquires USPCC and is DIY the new essential magician skill, opportunities for modern magicians and how to promote your events with social media

Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 05 | Touring Tricks Podcast
Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed
01:06 | Bicycle Card purchased by Cartamundi
03:19 | How many decks in a career?
04:08 | Is DIY the next magician skill?
05:38 | Do most magicians make money with magic?
06:45 | Benefits and opportunities for modern magicians
08:09 | Greg Frewin and Magic with Tigers
11:10 | Embarrassing show footage
12:42 | How magicians work out new material
20:13 | How to promote your next magic shows
28:06 | Promoting national tours and stunts
In this episode: Bicycle Cards is getting acquired by Cartamundi, is your Costco bargain threatened? How many decks of cards has Jeff McBride used in his lifetime and is DIY Magician the wave of the future? Ryan and Graeme talk about modern benefits and opportunities for magicians and ask the question "Do most magicians make money with magic?"
Ryan and Graeme share stories about early embarrassing show footage and animals in their shows. Greg Frewin and Wild Magic in Niagara Falls, tiger stories and the challenges of working with animals.
Finally, how can magicians work out new material and an in-depth discussion about promoting your own shows and events. Local and national magician tours. Lots to talk about.

Topics Covered: Cartamundi, USPCC, Bicycle Playing cards purchased, DIY magician, Greg Frewin Magic Show & Tigers, Embarrassing show footage, magician workout rooms, magician new material, Promoting Shows & Promoting Events, Marketing & Show Business | *PG-13 Adult Language

Aug 9, 2019
Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed | Watch or listen below:
Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 04 | Touring Tricks Podcast
Graeme shares his most magical experience, Carisa Hendrix and Lucy Darling lose their luggage, Ryan is going viral again hear his favourite nasty YouTube comments, will Death by Magic on Netflix get a second season, Shin Lim AGT Champion is in Vegas until September. A new thing? Introducing Magicians Watching Magic, and YouTube videos that haunt Graeme and Ryan. A discussion about openers, off-stage introductions and Ryan's Jeff McBride experience and a ten-hour drive to NYC.
Finally a discussion on business. Two workers perspective on magicians websites, essentials and recommendations.
Topics Covered: Lucy Darling magician, Death by magic netflix, Shin Lim Las Vegas Residency, Magician openers, Off-stage introductions, Magician website, Jeff McBride World's Greatest Magic | *PG-13 Adult Language
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NOTE: We ran out of tape in the last few moments so I assembled a visual story that shares A Day in the Life of a Cruise Ship Magician & Hypnotist. (skip to 45 min)
Table of Contents
For transcript visit:
00:00 | The lost art of mic checking... 1, 2, 3
02:19 | Practitioners of Prestidigitation
03:50 | Graeme most magic experience, ever
08:09 | Carisa Hendrix Lost Luggage
13:11 | Ryan shares nasty YouTube comments
18:32 | Viral Video: Illusionist walks thru steel
20:13 | A magic video I wish I could show
20:51 | Nasty comment wrap-up. A strange hypnosis complaint
21:37 | Death by Magic on Netflix
23:52 | Magicians Watching Magic
26:39 | Shin Lim Vegas
28:55 | YouTube videos that haunt magic career
29:54 | Magician Openers
35:15 | Introductions from off-stage
36:19 | Ten hours to see Jeff McBride
40:12 | Magicians Websites
Aug 2, 2019
Magic inventor Don Wayne passes, Graeme and Ryan's involvement with Paul Harris latest magic trick and a nuts-and-bolts discussion on magicians business cards.
Show Page:
Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 03 | Touring Tricks Podcast
Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed
In this episode: Justin Willman confirms Magic for Humans 2 on Netflix, sad news for magicians Don Wayne passes :( Ryan and Graeme talk about his legacy and illusions and illusion designers. Ryan shares a creative promotional photo on reddit and Graeme gives an exclusive look working with Paul Harris and release of Deep Clear.
In the world of show business, Ryan and Graeme talk magician business cards, why doesn't Ryan have a business card? How do you handle Facebook messaging running your magician business and what magic podcasts do you follow? A discussion about online magic communities and dealing with negative comments.
Finally, a discussion on show souvenirs and stealing ideas. There is a lot of magic to talk about.
Topics Covered: Magic for Humans 2, Don Wayne magic, illusion designer, Paul Harris Presents, Paul Harris Magic Deep Clear, Penguin Magic, Magician Business Card, Magician podcast, Magician community, magic show souvenir, magic ethics | *PG-13 Adult Language
Table of Contents
00:38 | Magic for Humans 2
03:03 | Don Wayne Passes
04:47 | The world of Illusion Designers. Who designs illusions?
08:36 | Reddit Discovery: Creative promotional photo
11:40 | Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear: Working with Paul Harris
17:16 | Magicians Business Cards
24:57 | How do you handle Facebook Messaging
26:16 | What non-magician influencers do you follow?
26:34 | Magician Podcasts
27:40 | Online magician communities
29:06 | Dealing with Negative Comments
34:06 | Starting in magic and stealing ideas
37:55 | Show Souvenirs